Saturday, April 28, 2007


I was just watching the sun setting... from my office window [advantage of working on this evening ;)]. I was above the city, watching over it. Disk of the sun was first yellow, then orange... bright orange, then red... burning red. Its al-these-colors rays were coming towards me, embracing me, all of us, running, vibrating towards, above and below the clouds, trough me, taking me to the end of the universe and back; "...round, round, baby, round, round..." - a song was playing in the background, some kids were playing & laughing around, the town was there with me observing, the crickets were singing, the insects were flying, the wind was breathing me, letting me know it's there with us. I am not "no-one"; I am A_PART_OF_IT, being embraced, held with love, full of light, singing-playing-flying-breathing-laughing with the sun and with the whole... ONE.

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