Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dizzy - God's son

Last weekend, in Chisinau we've met the best Romanian hip-hop singer ;) - his calling himself Dizzy, God's son (in RO - Dizzy, Fiul Domnului)- but you can also call him by his name: Sorin Calin Calota.
Bright eyes, you could see the light in his soul just looking in his beautiful bright eyes. The picture simply demonstrates this [from left to right]: Neale and Sorin. The stage was in his nature... If you ask him directly, he's singing happy music... indeed he is :)
I have never imagined you can sing hip-hop in that way :)
Thank you Dizzy for those moments & keep up the good work. I'm expecting you nearby to fill our hearts again... you're a messenger.

PS: More insights on our journey to ourselves (to Chisinau and back) still to come... I have so much insighs from last days... I'll do my best to put them into words :)


Ancuta said...

Hello...am fost si eu la Walsh da nu tin minte sa te fi vazut pe acolo...cu ce grup ai venit?
si da i agree...dizzy a fost super :)...tre sa fac si eu rost de muzica

de fapt toata ziua a fost geniala...we really are one ;)

Jay said...

ancuta is says above...
Hello, I've also been to Walch but I don't remember to see you there... which group were you in? and yes I agree... dizzy was super :)... I need to get his music also

In fact the whole day was great... we really are one ;)

Jay said...

hey ancutza :)

nice to hear from you... I was with the group from Transylvania, sitting right on the first row of chairs. I have dizzy's music.
If you are from Bucharest you can ask him directly to give it to you... he is a great guy ;)
If you're not from Bucharest I can send it to you - I have dizzy's blessing for this... Just write me an email and we can solve this [please see my profile for email address]


Ancuta said...

Hi...sorry for the language...i didn't realize it :P ... i manage to find the yahoo group on the internet and i understood where you were from :)... i was with the one form bucharest(unfortunately we didn't had the time to meet with you)
i send an email to dizzy about his music...if i don't manage to communicate with him i'll contact you :) ... thank you for the offer

have a nice day and weekend :)