Friday, April 13, 2007

An angel is on her way to this world :)

Last evening I was to my friends’ place - Kati & Jano... Kati has a big beautiful belly :) she'll be giving birth in just a few days. Julia, her daughter is already excited to come into this world - kicking and jumping around in her mammy’s belly; she’s ready! The day before yesterday they were at doctors and Julia was sucking already, hungry for life :).

It’s a miracle, every time I see a pregnant lady I say this… indeed is the most relevant example to show us that God created us in his/her image – to be creators again and again... Kati & Jano – you are just about to see your creation – flesh and bones :D and even more – a soul, a part of US, a part of GOD.
Kati, GOD is there just next to you, helping one of his/her angels rise again… Let her be!

An angel is coming in our world, to remind us again of who we really are…
Julia, looking forward to meet you in person!:D

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