Saturday, April 28, 2007


I was just watching the sun setting... from my office window [advantage of working on this evening ;)]. I was above the city, watching over it. Disk of the sun was first yellow, then orange... bright orange, then red... burning red. Its al-these-colors rays were coming towards me, embracing me, all of us, running, vibrating towards, above and below the clouds, trough me, taking me to the end of the universe and back; "...round, round, baby, round, round..." - a song was playing in the background, some kids were playing & laughing around, the town was there with me observing, the crickets were singing, the insects were flying, the wind was breathing me, letting me know it's there with us. I am not "no-one"; I am A_PART_OF_IT, being embraced, held with love, full of light, singing-playing-flying-breathing-laughing with the sun and with the whole... ONE.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Today is The Earth Day :) - ODE TO MOTHER EARTH!

What a beautiful day :)! What a beautiful Earth we have... but don’t settle!... there is still much to do within ourselves and then our Mother Earth will be much healthier, much more beautiful, more paradisiacal...

Honda Racing F1 Team is pledging this year for myearthdream, see [don’t skip the intro ;)]. Honda is pledging on their site for: Share my car, Only take flights when necessary, Install at least three saving light bulbs, Take the bus or train, Cycle or walk to work or the shops, Adjust my thermostat by 1 C degree, Give up ironing, Not leave any of my appliances on standby or my phone on charge unnecessarily, Wash my laundry at 30 C degrees, Turn off the tap while I clean my teeth, Recycle all my paper, Change my electricity supply to a renewable power supplier.
You can pledge for all of these on their website… for money ;)... but why not pledge all these right NOW & HERE, FOR FREE!... I DARE MYSELF, I DARE YOU!

We can do more then dream for a better Earth!... Let’s make The Earth Day every day!
Thank you, Mother Earth for being patient till we get back to you...

Friday, April 20, 2007

Uta’s message to the world – Everything is love! :) - SMILE

:) :) :) Smile, please!!! :) :) :)
Smile with your mouth, your eyes, your soul,
Smile anyhow, just smile!
to send away the pain, to send away the sadness,
to send away the stress, to send away the bareness...
The smile lights up your face and life!
Smiling is a simple practice: raising up the corners of your lips and raising up the soul into your sights!
The smile is the cheapest yet the most valuable GIFT we can offer to each other!
Life is a game! Let’s play nice together!

Uta is giving this message -printed on a small paper, also on her "business" card - to each person she gets in touch with in her life :)... keep up loving and spreading the message, Uta ;)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Message on the horoscope

I was really curious about what horoscope is telling me today; here it is - “There's a lot to learn right now, so asking good questions is essential.”
Thank you God for reminding me :)

Saturday, April 14, 2007

:) At the entrance of Voronet monastery...

was placed the following message:RESPECT! ;)

Friday, April 13, 2007

Andreea is just creating herself...

she's a singer already :).. listen here: live & ad-hoc [on YouTube] -

Way to Go, Andreea! :)

Indigo movie?

I'm looking for Indigo movie... if someone can help me out... thank you :)

An angel is on her way to this world :)

Last evening I was to my friends’ place - Kati & Jano... Kati has a big beautiful belly :) she'll be giving birth in just a few days. Julia, her daughter is already excited to come into this world - kicking and jumping around in her mammy’s belly; she’s ready! The day before yesterday they were at doctors and Julia was sucking already, hungry for life :).

It’s a miracle, every time I see a pregnant lady I say this… indeed is the most relevant example to show us that God created us in his/her image – to be creators again and again... Kati & Jano – you are just about to see your creation – flesh and bones :D and even more – a soul, a part of US, a part of GOD.
Kati, GOD is there just next to you, helping one of his/her angels rise again… Let her be!

An angel is coming in our world, to remind us again of who we really are…
Julia, looking forward to meet you in person!:D

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dizzy - God's son

Last weekend, in Chisinau we've met the best Romanian hip-hop singer ;) - his calling himself Dizzy, God's son (in RO - Dizzy, Fiul Domnului)- but you can also call him by his name: Sorin Calin Calota.
Bright eyes, you could see the light in his soul just looking in his beautiful bright eyes. The picture simply demonstrates this [from left to right]: Neale and Sorin. The stage was in his nature... If you ask him directly, he's singing happy music... indeed he is :)
I have never imagined you can sing hip-hop in that way :)
Thank you Dizzy for those moments & keep up the good work. I'm expecting you nearby to fill our hearts again... you're a messenger.

PS: More insights on our journey to ourselves (to Chisinau and back) still to come... I have so much insighs from last days... I'll do my best to put them into words :)