Friday, February 29, 2008

first Free Hugs -Tg. Mures (Feb 9th, 2008): follow-up

Even if the first free hugs campaign was taking place in Tg. Mures in 9th of February, here I am, late as usual: P to post some follow-ups.

It was a clear-shiny day in Tg. Mures: the way I LOVE it: sun in my eyes... :D

Doina, Mircea, Simona was there also. Doina and Mircea were sharing croissants and oranges to old ones, to babies, to different people. Thank you, dear ones or being there :).

The experience was unique (as all others but even more!) I met all kind of reactions:
-'why are we doing this? which is the reason?'
-'are you from some king of church?'
-'what do we want in exchange?'
-'are you with some political party?'
-'wow, great stuff!'
-'is good you do this...nice to have this in a country of bastards'
-'you should go to America, we have friends home’:D
-smiling and passing by;
-waiving from inside the cars in line at traffic lights;
-smiling and looking on the other side, passing by;
-intrigued by our actions;
-two boys from the children's house were moving around curious by what's happening. When they saw is ok to talk to us, they came to ask why we are doing this. We came to the discussion that is so spooky, interesting to do this, that they don't have no one to hug at the house where they are placed, they only have each other.
-one 'old' lady (I think she was about >80 years young ;) ), when Doina came to give her an orange, she was telling us to don't mind, but she thinks that she can buy that orange and be ok, and asked us to give it to somebody who really needs it and don't affords it... WOW!

See here some pictures from the 'event'...
we are here to hug each other :)

big hug :)

more and more coming toghether...we are of us still small but with a lot of potential ;)... five with the smily on the banner :D

Doina, sharing love around...

Doina and an 'old' lady suprised by our actions

remembering to show love to your dear ones...

a team working on the next building, waiving at us...

this lady is realy tall, but we've seen no problem with that :P

a boy from the children's house, really interested why are we doing that, they were two of them, staying around for some while, and at least when he 'catch some courage' he came to me and asked somehow shy if we both can take a picture...

Well, this is the short version, cause is three weeks 'old'.
Meanwhile there were free hugs shared in Brasov, in Valentine's day.
Also, stay tuned; Bucharest coming soon: 8th of March - who's interested gi'me a sign.
In Tg. Mures we'll reiterate it each month, in different locations. Next time we'll go to a much crowded place at an hour with more 'traffic'.
I'll keep the whole world at 220V!.

Love is all around! SHARE IT! Be the CHANGE!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Edwin and Ivonne - around the world

I looked over the pubilc profiles of some of my working colleagues in Netherlands... worked with them some 8 years ago... some of them developed nice professional carers...
What I gave into - Edwin (and his wife Ivonne) Saanen left their jobs (succesfull) and are now wondering the globe and share their encounters!
Really nice!