Monday, March 26, 2007

NDW on Humanity's Team World Tour

Asking GOD for...

"I asked GOD to get away my habits. GOD said NO, I don’t have to get them away - you have to give them up.

I asked GOD to heal my handicapped child. GOD said NO, his/her spirit is whole, his/her body is passing by.

I asked GOD to give me patience. GOD said NO, patience is a pain derivate; it is not to give but to learn.

I asked GOD to give me happiness. GOD said NO, I give you bless, happiness is inside yourself.

I asked GOD to get away my pain. GOD said NO, suffering make you give away material things and to get close to your higher self.

I asked GOD to grow my spirit. GOD said NO, you have to grow yourself, I will take care that you will blossom.

I asked GOD for all the things that could make my life enjoyable. GOD said NO, I gave you life, so you can enjoy all things.

I asked GOD to help me LOVE others so much (s)he loves me. GOD said AHHHHHH!... finally you come up with the best idea!"

Friday, March 23, 2007

Messanger statuses

I wrote down the statuses on the friends on my messenger list... Do we have something to say to the owner of these messages? :)... here they are:
01.03- who's coming to the party?, I'm alive!
06.03 - "How come I never heard you say "I just wanna be with you"?... I guess you never felt that way!"
06.03 - R E D H E A D E D B I T C H (Romanian: R O S C A T E A)
08.03 - fucking baba! [baba from focklore, see Wiki on Baba ]
09.03 - The difference between the wily seducer and the sincere infatuated is that the first deceptions one person and the second two..
10.03 - I've cleared the ignore list... try your luck!
11.03 - If you haven't realized till now, after a buzz you come (again) in my ignore list!
11.03 - Workin', smokin' and listenin' to stupid love songs...
12.03 - Bring the beer otherwise I faaaaaint!!
13.03 - mercury goes right ahead!!!
13.03 - Spriiiing!!!!
13.03 - Overall it was a good day...
13.03 - O A K... strong essence!
15.03 - Lost minds! I declare them NULL!...
16.03 - Lost minds! I declare them NULL!...
18.03 - Lost minds! I declare them NULL!...
22.03 - In GOD we trust, anything else we test!
24.03 - broblems...
25.03 - if there's no plum (Jay’s note: in Romanian this word has some special connotations), nothing there is... [derived from rimes of a Romanian song]
26.03 - ..and how come you bother with my heart... at all..?
26.03 - just walk away...
26.03 - French style, dog style or bookman old style?:))

Friday, March 16, 2007

Neal Donald Walsch in Chisinau(Moldova)

The author of the "Conversation with God" trilogy will be in Chisinau, in 7th of April, 2007 - National Theatre (09:00-22:00).

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Life and Death education

"Graduate Institute of Life and Death Education and Counseling" - this is the name of an educational institute in Taiwan [I’m sure there are more]. Nice, If we had learned about life and death in schools we would haven't be afraid to live life to the max, to say NO when its against of who we really are, to choose only what is in our best interest, to better understand what AIDS (and all other things we reject/don’t like) is (are), to know that we all are GOD(s) / Jesus / Buddha / Krishna / etc and not call this blasphemy.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Last days I bought some paint brushes and paint colors :D. I will create some works of art :D... or of myself... I am happy like a child... feeling like GOD just before its first creation :))