Friday, March 23, 2007

Messanger statuses

I wrote down the statuses on the friends on my messenger list... Do we have something to say to the owner of these messages? :)... here they are:
01.03- who's coming to the party?, I'm alive!
06.03 - "How come I never heard you say "I just wanna be with you"?... I guess you never felt that way!"
06.03 - R E D H E A D E D B I T C H (Romanian: R O S C A T E A)
08.03 - fucking baba! [baba from focklore, see Wiki on Baba ]
09.03 - The difference between the wily seducer and the sincere infatuated is that the first deceptions one person and the second two..
10.03 - I've cleared the ignore list... try your luck!
11.03 - If you haven't realized till now, after a buzz you come (again) in my ignore list!
11.03 - Workin', smokin' and listenin' to stupid love songs...
12.03 - Bring the beer otherwise I faaaaaint!!
13.03 - mercury goes right ahead!!!
13.03 - Spriiiing!!!!
13.03 - Overall it was a good day...
13.03 - O A K... strong essence!
15.03 - Lost minds! I declare them NULL!...
16.03 - Lost minds! I declare them NULL!...
18.03 - Lost minds! I declare them NULL!...
22.03 - In GOD we trust, anything else we test!
24.03 - broblems...
25.03 - if there's no plum (Jay’s note: in Romanian this word has some special connotations), nothing there is... [derived from rimes of a Romanian song]
26.03 - ..and how come you bother with my heart... at all..?
26.03 - just walk away...
26.03 - French style, dog style or bookman old style?:))

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