Sunday, May 16, 2010


it touches my souls, brings peace and silence around... remembers me what is important in life.

bliss from karunesh, grace to the world!
thank you!

enema website (RO only)

I don't know if I told you... I launched some while ago an enema information website. For now is only in Romanian, you can look over here -

So, enjoy enema and be healthy!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

be the change!...

Some messege!
"... freedom is built every day as a being becomes aware of himself and of his environment, getting progressively rid of constraints and inertias, whatever they may be."

"Peace and reunification of [...] people would be a first step toward the harmony..."

"...Do not rush to answer. Breathe and let all the power of your own free will penetrate you. Be proud of what you are! The problems that you may have weaken you. Forget about them for a few minutes to be yourself. Feel the force that springs up in you. You are in control of yourself!
A single thought, a single answer can drastically change your near future, in one way as in another. [...]
In your own private polling booth of your secret will, you will determine the future. [...] Making a decision by yourself, as an individual, is your right as well as your responsibility! [...]
Passivity only leads to the absence of freedom. Similarly, indecision is never efficient. If you really want to cling to your beliefs [...] then say NO. If you do not know what to choose, do not say YES because of mere curiosity. [...]"

It is "...sad to see men, women and children suffering to such a degree in their flesh and in their hearts when they bear such an inner light."

Read the entire "message" here

thank you, Alex, for reminding us all!