Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Has anyone heard about, read (or listened to) the Conversations with God (audio) book? What do you think about it?

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"Do you think we should do eveything in order to be happy?"

BACX was asking me these days: "Do you think we should do everything in order to be happy?"
YES! DO anything you have to do to be happy! not just words, DO IT! I often also say: OK, from now on I'm not doing any compromises towards this and the minute / hour / day after I'm back again; I'm walking over myself, not listening to my heart, my love, to what's beautiful, joyful, truthful in this life.

With exercise I believe we will succeed.

You know what I did not forget since my father passed to the other side? ... that I have promised myself I will live every single day of the rest of my life as it would be the last one... of course, you already heard this thousands of time, but I didn't realize it till he left... and from then on I keep forgetting it every day...
BE HAPPY today! Now! It will always be something important to do for tomorrow; always will be someone to be blamed for your unhappiness.

After answering this, BACX came, as I expected, with the next natural question: "But if your happiness means hell for the ones next to you?"
Most of people enter into relationship thinking of what they can get out of it, rather then what they can pun into them. The purpose of a relationship is for you to decide what part of yourself you’d like to see “show up” not what part of other you can capture and hold.
The loosing of the Self in a relationship is what causes most of the sadness. We gave up most of who we are in order to become who the other one want us to be. When we react with pain and hurt to what the other is being, doing, saying, we have to admit honestly to ourselves and to others exactly how we fell. Say your truth – kindly, but fully and completely.
Be happy but not depriving others. You have to find the balance without compromising of WHO YOU REALLY ARE.
BACX, you or myself could tell me: “easy to say”, “sounds like theory”, but again - With exercise, I believe we will succeed.
[I used some very well expressed ideas from Conversations with God book… we will talk about it a lot ;)]

Monday, January 29, 2007

Stay hungry, Stay foolish!

Steve Jobs's Speech at Stanford Univ. 2005 graduation
Watch, mostly listen to it... and don't settle!

Rompetrol TV advertising

In the Rompetrol TV advertising, the one with rising trends, the music catched my attention... later I found you... Chris Spheeris was the creator of it... beautiful sounds! If someone has it I whould like some...thx :)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

I create...

Finally I made up my mind and created this blog... it'll be in English... no big deal, just sharing with you some of my moments, impressions, opinions...

Someone criticized this, saying that now there is the "trend" for blogging... I just want to express and share some of me... maybe it is trendy.. it doesn't matter till I enjoy it. I read other different blogs because I like to hear on subjects...

Am I excusing myself here? "Let's Blog!" ;)