Sunday, April 22, 2007

Today is The Earth Day :) - ODE TO MOTHER EARTH!

What a beautiful day :)! What a beautiful Earth we have... but don’t settle!... there is still much to do within ourselves and then our Mother Earth will be much healthier, much more beautiful, more paradisiacal...

Honda Racing F1 Team is pledging this year for myearthdream, see [don’t skip the intro ;)]. Honda is pledging on their site for: Share my car, Only take flights when necessary, Install at least three saving light bulbs, Take the bus or train, Cycle or walk to work or the shops, Adjust my thermostat by 1 C degree, Give up ironing, Not leave any of my appliances on standby or my phone on charge unnecessarily, Wash my laundry at 30 C degrees, Turn off the tap while I clean my teeth, Recycle all my paper, Change my electricity supply to a renewable power supplier.
You can pledge for all of these on their website… for money ;)... but why not pledge all these right NOW & HERE, FOR FREE!... I DARE MYSELF, I DARE YOU!

We can do more then dream for a better Earth!... Let’s make The Earth Day every day!
Thank you, Mother Earth for being patient till we get back to you...

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