Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Why is my (this) blog written in English?

Some of you asked me why do I write my (this) blog in English... the answer is simple: because I wanted so :)...if you ask me why I don't write in my native language: because I wanted it in English... just because!... I don't want to find any other explanations... some call it bad... For some while I proposed myself to do things which come natural to me... to not analyze, criticize, sensitize, summarize anything… to just (want to) DO things… of course which not do harm (in terms of depriving) to the others. I write this blog for ME in the first place, and then for the others :) Thank you all for understanding and accepting this.


- said...

I was getting the same question in the beginning, from someone who kept accusing me (and still does from time to time) of being "anti-Romanian".

For me though, the answer was simple: I read much more in English than Romanian lately and a lot of expressions come nowadays easier to me in English than in Romanian.

Besides, I wanted to reach (as much as any blog about nothing in particular is able to,) to much more than the Romanian internet community.

Olivian BREDA said...

Your blog is just fine in English. ;)
I do have to admit though, that I have a rather different approach. I have both English blogs and Romanian ones. I mix things up a bit. :)