Sunday, July 25, 2010


I haven't come to get anything done, but to have the experience of doing.
I haven't come forth to complete, but to have the pleasure of the process.

How do I measure my progress?.... by the joy that I live. How do I know if I am getting it done what I've indented to do - you feel good while you're in the process but you'll never get it done.

Life is a series of delicious moments.

We know that we are valuable. We know that we are good. We know that we are God. We know that this space-time is the most powerful leading-edge experience in all of the universe. We know the source adores us, we know we have access to ALL THERE IS, we know that the environment we'll stimulate us. We know that the resources are here to satisfy us.
Together we will collectively benefit one another.

The reason for any of this is the pleasurable joy that we can extract from the moment of our focus.

(extracts and adaptation from Abraham)

Thank you, Delia, from bring it around...

... in annual retreat...

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Christopher Dos Santos said...

Beautiful, thank you

Namaste, my sister... love is all there is....