Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We are all ONE - understand HOME!

It takes:
-> 100 l water to produce 1 kg potatoes;
-> 4000 l water to produce 1 kg rice;
-> 13 000 l to produce 1 kg of beef meat;
+ the oil in the production process and transportation of these 'goods';

The agriculture is now oil-powered and this makes our living totally depended on it.
We know that the end of the cheap oil is imminent and we refuse to believe it.
80% of the mineral natural reserve is consumed by 20% of the world's population. Before the end of THIS century, mining will exhaust nearly all of this reserve.

-> has no drink water and it afford to desalinate see water and use it to build the highest sky scrapers;
-> has no farm lands but it can import lot of 'luxury' food,
-> has few natural resources, with the money from oil it can bring millions of tones of material and workers to build artificial islands;
-> has endless sun but no solar panel;
Dubai is THE TOTEM of modernity of our HOME. Nothing seems further removed from nature, then Dubai - although nothing depends on nature more then Dubai.

In the last 20 years, the larges forest (Amazon) on the planet, the one that keeps us alive, has been reduced by 20%.
Nigeria is the biggest oil exporter in Africa and yet 70 % population under poverty line. Half the world's poor live in resource rich countries.
Half the world's wealth is in the hands of the richest 2% of the population.
Hunger affects nearly 1 billion people.

Molecule by molecule of carbon dioxide gathering in our atmosphere are upsetting the Earth climatic balance. The arctic ice cap is melting, has lost 40% of its thickness in the last 40 years. It will disappear during the summer by 2030, some say, 2050. In the North Pole 30% if the ice surface are was lost in the last 30 years.
Humanity has never lived in an atmosphere like this.
By 2020 1/4 of the species could be threated with extinction. Others pay the price without actively being involved.

Since 1950 the population has almost tripled. Since 1950 we have fundamentally altered our environment more then in all 200 000 years of human kind history.

ALL that we see around us is a reflection of the human behavior. We have shaped the Earth in our own image. It seems we have very little time. How will THIS CENTURY carry the bargain of everything we alone have done?...
How long can this mirage continue to 'prosper'?

It's too late to be a pessimistic. Se in the movie what man have made to already change this to our own sake. See that those exceptions can become the rule and can bring back our endangered home.

See here the whole movie HOME! These ideas are a short summary of it.
Don't look if you don't intend to do it till the end of it (1:33 h)!

And ever more, DECIDE for yourself and TAKE ACTION! We all have the power to change, to choose again... and is time to come together...

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I tend to agree with you, except for one thing: Dubai is not as civilized as you seem to see it :(

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