Friday, April 10, 2009

Objective: Inboxes = 0!

I've just set a personal objective :D... all my mailbox Inboxes having 0 messages, until the end of May 2009 :) pretty challenging :P

1 - done!... 5 still to go! :)


utnapistim said...

You have six mailboxes?!?

How do you empty them? (Do you read your messages using "Delete", or do you actually read through?)

Just so I know if I should write you or not :D

jay said...

Yes, I have 6...
I mean, no deleting the messages: P, but managing ALL of them (creating automated rules, redirect them) in order to have the Inbox default folders empty :-).
For example, even if I have now a-37-folders structure in one of my mailboxes, the Inbox folder still have a loooot of uncathegorized messages.

I read your every message ;-) even if I don't answer each of them: D.

jay said...

2dn, 3rd & 4th - DONE! :D 2 more to go!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Keep up the great work!