Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Hour - MY hour!

Today we were 'celebrating' Earth Hour. We unplugged the whole stuff (refrigerator, freezer, heating system, oven, computers, mobile phones) - all off from the power distributor for our house, got out, walked trough town, talking to each other :D, jogging... great stuff!
We moved in this area of the town already for 5 months - today we got to know some details on our next street and around :).. we also notices there are some other people just walking around, enjoying the [somehow] fresh air of the evening - personally I thought this is not happening anymore these days.

I personally decided to do this every week [let's see how I'll manage this!] - ONE HOUR for myself, for ourselves, for the earth, for the whole...

Can you image if we would have ALL 8760 hours of the year for ourselves, how can it be? :D

Unplug all energy! Plug myself in!

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