Monday, December 3, 2007

Answer the man...

What should we answer to a 30 years old/young man who's saying:
"-I'm afraid of getting old :(. And I'm afraid that I will be disappointed if I'm not succeeding in what I proposed for next years..." ?


victor said...

Tell him that we can't control world 'atmosphere',but we can control the one from our mind:)
RO: Nu putem controla atmosfera din lume, dar pe cea din mintea noastra da.

utnapistim said...

I believe strongly that fear of getting old is ultimately, fear of unfulfillment, feeling unfulfilled now, and fearing nothing will change in the future.

Maybe you should tell him to start thinking about what he wants and how to get there*. Maybe, just tell him to look into his choices and decide what should change.

Most importantly, he has to be clear on what he really wants though, and what (in his current environment) is keeping him from that or bringing him closer.

*) I mean here, start thinking of the concrete steps and what's actually stopping him, about actual plans with deadlines and measurable results.

That's my (mostly coherent) answer, after two glasses of red, Cypriot "pre-Christmas celebration", in the office.